Queen Kona

Hailing from the Northeast United States, QUEEN KONA has put forth a unique blend of the modern metal sub-genres, creating tracks with a variety of instrumental influences from the progressive metal spectrum.

Although the fresh, young group had only but recently begun to release music within the last three years, their legacy amongst the metal community spans back much further. Long ago, the very same members of QUEEN KONA had orchestrated numerous underground death- and metal-core projects, surfacing as far back as 2008. Known for their humorous names, subject matter, and song titles, the boys eventually retired many of these projects (yet longtime fans of their work will recognize the re-recording and re-imagination of some of songs released through their debut EP, Desecration of the Universe in 2018).

What’s notable is that none of QUEEN KONA’s releases have consistently followed the same formula. While their debut EP focused on tech-death influences, Their debut album, ACROPOLIS, followed a more traditional melodic death metal approach. Both of these debut releases, however, portrayed their unique lyrical ability to create a chronological tale through each composition, with Desecration of the Universe depicting an alien race’s conquest of the galaxy, and ACROPOLIS telling the fictional narrative of a man brought to temptation within a mysterious castle. ACROPOLIS was also their first release to include the band’s now-full-time clean vocalist, Jake Meador, completely surprising listeners as vicious songs quickly transitioned to melodic choruses and soft interludes.

Just as the world thought they had figured out the essence behind QUEEN KONA’s sound, the band released singles Boundaries Dissolved and Rise of the Shogunate in 2019, portraying their songwriting in a completely different light. What was once a progressive death metal powerhouse with furious blast beats and constant vigor, had now transitioned into a polyrhythmic and more manageable chaos amongst the metal-core and progressive metal realms, similarly to the likes of groups such as After the Burial, Born of Osiris, and ERRA.

Later that year, the debut of their single and music video, A Forest of Blind Men, had prompted the metal community to finally see firsthand QUEEN KONA’s incredible vocal versatility, showcasing all four members both playing instruments and adding vocals. This spawned numerous video reactions on YouTube and comments from listeners, such as “Who is the frontman?“. Scattered through QUEEN KONA’s songs are Tommy’s low growls, Jimmy’s high shrieks, Jake’s melodic cleans, and Tyler‘s mid-range shouts. While COVID-19 had prolonged the recording behind their follow-up 2nd full-length, the boys expect their new release to take the world by surprise, yet again, in 2021.


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